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  The School of Antenatal Educators


Research Assignment No 13

For this unit summary task, you will complete 2 activities.

1; conduct research in your local area. 

* You are to speak to women to find out what class format works best for them

ie: one day intensive classes, weekend classes, weekday evening sessions of two hours a week

for 8 weeks, weekday women only sessions etc

* Also, find out as much as you can about what is currently available to women in your area.

Identify as many different types of childbirth education as possible

This information will all be helpful when you begin writing your marketing plan to determine the market that you are going to serve and how best to promote your services to them.

If you live in an area where childbirth education is almost non-existent, think about alternatives that women may use for childbirth education. Do they access the internet at home? Read books?

do they attend a regular pregnancy clinic where the clinic nurse provides education? 

Do you live in a village environment where women talk together and pass on their education from one generation to the next?

2; The second part of this exercise is to determine which class formats currently on offer appeal to you and which don't. Then to consider formats that are not currently on offer that you would like to provide.

Speaking with women and asking them open questions may surprise you in identifying class formats you had never considered before.


Use the space below to document your research findings and make notes on the sort of classes you would like to offer.

Finally; identify any barriers to providing the classes that you would like to offer. Think about internal and external barriers. Then consider steps you can take to eliminate those barriers.

List the sorts of classes women say they would like to have

Identify classes that are currently on offer in your area:

Identify the sort of class you would like to teach, i.e. your favourite format -- you may like to list more than one:

Finally, identify any barriers, either internally or externally, that you may have to overcome to run classes in this format and what steps you can take to overcome these barriers References

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