Birth Doula Training

Correspondence Course

from £550 per course (depending on location)

We offer comprehensive correspondence online Doula Training along with a 2 day Workshop - locations throughout the UK

One to One Workshops are available at locations around the UK

Skype/Facetime sessions are also available

Modules include:

1.Communication Skills

2. Psychology of the family

3. Antenatal Support

4. Breastfeeding Support

5. Care of the newborn baby (the first few


Topics covered: 

Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy

  • Hospital and Home Births
  • Breastfeeding
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • pregnancy, labour and birth
  • Communication skills
  • The Role of Hormones
  • Emotional support
  • Normal newborn characteristics and procedures
  • Pain relief options available
  • Parent support during childbirth
  • Professional boundaries
  • Role of a Doula
  • The New Family
  • Being prepared for the Unexpected
  • All the skills required to be a good Childbirth Support Partner. 

The Bumps2Babies Doula Course is designed to test your knowledge, encourage personal learning as well as some hands on theory training.

The Assignments are required to be submitted via email and can be done at your leisure. You have up to 12 months to complete the course.

Once you have applied for the course and full payment has been made, you will receive a Bumps2Babies Doula Training Manual.  

You will then be assigned your personal trainer who will be there to support you through your studies, to help you get the most from your course.

If you are interested in registering with us you can request an application form from email: [email protected] - please state whether it is a Doula or Educator course you are applying for! 

Grants are available for this course for IOM residents only click here!

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What is a Doula?

A Doula offers friendship and support to pregnant mums, dads as well as their families throughout their pregnancies. From around 30 weeks pregnancy to labour and birth.  

As well as offering pregnancy and birthing support. Doulas can also be there for you for the first few weeks after baby is born, to help support through the first stages of baby care, bathing, sleeping and breastfeeding, 

Supporting, Caring, Nurturing

All Bumps2Babies Doulas are encouraged to attend a baby aid course.

see here for list of Qualified Doula's in your area!